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Summer Camps 2021

What a great summer of youth theatre!

A special thanks to all the participants in this year’s Summer Camps. What a delight to create theatre in the beautiful outdoors.


Dancing In The Parking Lot

What a success!

A bunch of folks came out to enjoy the summer day and dance their hearts out with us. Thank you to those who came, and thanks to our dance leaders!


Join Us: Eat, Play, Read!

When: August 9-13, 9:30-11:30am

Where: Roseville park (location announced soon!)

Who: Kids 7-9

What: Reading & Theater games!

Cost: Free!

Eat, Play, Read is a theater program that helps develop confidence while strengthening literacy skills! During Eat, Play, Read participants will be able to:

  • Act out scenes from stories
  • Play movement games
  • Create your own versions of stories
  • Read books with expression
  • Participate in music and rhythm games
  • Meet new friends
  • Eat snacks and play together

Eat, Play, Read is a program that aims to engage underserved and underrepresented youth in playful theatre experiences while enhancing literacy skills and social-emotional development. Our goal for the program is to reach out to children ages 7-9 who may have never had experiences in theatre before. Our primary emphasis is reaching out to Somali and Karen communities, but all students are welcome in the program.

We ask that participants register in advance to make sure we can meet the needs of all young people! Questions? Reach out to



Missing dancing with your Rosetown friends this summer? 

Come dance with us!

What?    Intergenerational Dance Camps

When?   Tues, Wed, Thur,  August 3, 4, 5, and 10, 11, 12 from 6:30pm-8:00pm

Where?  Parking lot at Falcon Heights Church UCC (1795 Holton St., Falcon Heights)

Why?   Because it’s fun to dance with other people!
Cost?   It’s free!  But we do need folks to register in advance


18th Annual Smorgasbord

It’s time for the 18th Annual Heavenly Smorgasbord, one of the greatest parties in all of Lauderdale, MN! It’s so great, in fact, that this year it’s been crashed by the Intertime Enterprise’s Corporate Retreat, a time-traveling party. The Smorgasbord has been chosen to host their annual party which has been dropped into all kinds of amazing places before: an ancient Greek frat house, Kubla Kahn’s pleasure dome, Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm, you name it! Intertime Enterprise’s CEO is preparing to step down and is looking for their successor. Two people vie for the future of the company in a series of absurd and maybe-not-so-fair challenges. Who will become the next CEO? Who will give the keynote speech? Do the Interns have names? And most importantly, what’s for dessert?


Thomasina Sawyer



This summer Rosetown is thrilled to be doing Disney’s Newsies! This empowering musical tells the story of a group of “newsies” who stand up to unjust publishing giants as they strike against unfair working conditions. Like all Rosetown shows, this production will have exciting roles for all ages with fun dancing, singing, and acting for folks of all experience and abilities!


17th Annual Smorgasbord



Take a journey out of the zoo and onto the stage with your favorite crack-a-lackin’ friends from the blockbuster DreamWorks film.

Join Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the hip hip Hippo and, of course, those hilarious, plotting penguins as they bound onto your stage in the musical adventure of a lifetime.  Based on the smash DreamWorks animated motion picture, Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. follows all of your favorite crack-a-lackin’ friends as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo and find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar.

Filled with outlandish characters, adventure galore and an upbeat score, Madagascar JR. will leave audiences with no choice but to “Move It, Move It!