Registration is Open for Summer Youth Theater Camps!

Once again, Rosetown Playhouse will be partnering with Roseville Parks & Recreation to offer our Summer Theater Camps! This year’s camps will be held at Roseville Area Middle School; each will be one week in length from Monday-Friday from 9am – 1pm. Our camps this year will be (full descriptions below!):
Cactus Pete and the Disappearing Well, July 11-15, ages 8-12
The Wizard Diaries , July 18-22, ages 7-11
A Pirate’s Tail, July 25-29, ages 10-16
An Accidental Time Travel Extravaganza, August 1-5, ages 9-13

Registration will begin March 8 at 8am through Roseville Parks & Recreation. Camps can fill up quickly – register now!

Cactus Pete and the Disappearing Well
July 11-15, ages 8-12
Cactus Pete’s Saloon was the coolest place in town, but now someone’s accused them of stealing the well! How is anyone supposed to do anything without water? To make things worse, the tumbleweed is blowing and the Stagecoach gang is riding into town. Strap on your cowboy boots and warm up your vocal cords because a trip to Cactus Pete’s is impossible to forget. Participants will grow more confident singing and performing onstage. Perfect for the young singer who’s got a knack for causing trouble AND saving the day! We’ll all perform an original performance at the end of the week.

The Wizard Diaries
July 18-22, ages 7-11
When the Groundlings get caught and put on trial for underage wizardry, they accidentally pull the whole magical court back in time to explain their actions. Now everyone must figure out how to conquer the Naggin’ Dragon, sneak past the Minions of Wand Mountain, and escape the Shadow World. Join us for a fun-filled romp through everything magical this week – if your child loves fantastical creatures, witches, wizards, and myths of old, this week is for them! A great introduction to theater where everyone will work together to put on an original performance at the end of the week.

A Pirate’s Tail
July 25-29, ages 10-16
It’s vacation time for all the pirates on board the Blue Ruby, unfortunately, there’s no wind in the sails. Suck in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do, they reminisce about old times so much so that they completely miss an ambush by the Royal Navy! Join us this week for an adventure on the stage as well as off. To build the elements of these pirates’ stories, we’ll have the option to make and use shadow puppets, cardboard puppets, special effects, and more. Come learn how to sink ships onstage, and brush up on your storytelling skills as we create an original performance to show at the end of the week.

An Accidental Time Travel Extravaganza
August 1-5, ages 9-13
After the Flergensteins discover a strange device in their barn, they get lost in time and space and have to decode their way back to 2022. Along the way, they’ll have to hide from dinosaurs, befriend aliens, and figure out where in time they are to figure out the path home. Will they make it before they get lost in the past?! Join us on this time-traveling adventure in which you’ll learn how to collaborate with others to perform an original show at the end of the week!

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