Join Rosetown Playhouse for an original, hilarious show–that includes dinner! Written and directed by none other than Rosetown’s own Tyler Olsen, you won’t want to miss being a part of this show, or coming to see it!

Claiborn Heavenly has invited everyone for a big announcement – the Heavenly Winter Smorgasbord & Revue is closing due to financial problems, exacerbated by the fact that their star performer, trained dog Mister Snuffles, has passed away. All of Mr. Snuffles’ fans, past performers, and the rest of the town has showed up to say farewell. However, as they raise their empty water glasses for the final toast, an insurance agent shows up. He represents the Mr. Snuffles’ Estate, and is here to deliver Mr. Snuffles’ insurance check to the Smorgasbord, for the amount of one million dollars. The only catch: they must present the biographical musical revue of Mister Snuffles they have been working on in his honor. Claiborn and the rest of the smorgasbord staff were, of course, completely unaware of any of this, but with financial salvation in sight, they embark on a mad dash to throw together the most ridiculous performance ever to grace the Smorgasbord Stage.

Chock full of over-the-top characters, hilarious historical inaccuracy, absurd dancing, and new takes on old favorites, THE 16TH ANNUAL HEAVENLY WINTER SMORGASBORD AND REVUE will be a knee slapping good time for the whole family!